Functional IgY Products​

For Calves & Swine

A diverse range of thoughtfully produced products to meet the needs of livestock producers. 

Proprietary Egg Technology

EgCel utilizes an egg-based technology that has continued to be developed for well over a decade. The proprietary technology vaccinates chickens with antigens derived from the most significant pathogens affecting animal markets today resulting in specific antibodies. Across the multiple product lines under the EgCel brand, each is specially formulated to be relevant for common challenges associated with each target area.

Our product provides a blanket of IgY antibodies that are stable through the digestive tract.  Here they help reduce the effects of field challenges to the animals and help maintain a healthy gut allowing for increased nutrient intake and reduced inflammation.

Controlled studies in animals have confirmed that the oral administration of such antibodies and immunoregulatory factors reduces the mortality in piglets and dramatically improves performance and general health without side effects. Our products have also has been shown to be synergistic with plasma in animal feed and could make plasma products 30-40% more cost-effective.

EggTek Products for Calves and Swine

EgCel is constantly monitoring the industry to identify new microbial threats in livestock populations. Once a new strain is identified, it can be incorporated into the product in a matter of weeks!


Assisting Calves in a Critical Time

Calves face a myriad of challenges during their first few weeks of life with scours being the main point of concern across the industry. 

EggTek for Calves is specifically formulated to assist calves in a critical time of their lives when they are transitioned away from their mothers and fed milk substitutes. During this time, the calves’ immune system is under a considerable amount of stress. The majority of the calf’s immunity is acquired through the mother’s milk so that when the animal is separated from the mother, the calf is left vulnerable. EggTek added to a milk replacer can offer the calf an added benefit during a time of immune stress. Feeding during this initial period of vulnerability has the opportunity to greatly reduce the stress the calf is under and improve overall performance.


For Swine during Their Weaning Period

During the weaning period, a piglet is under a large amount of stress. The pig is being transitioned away from the sow and its siblings and placed in a new environment with a new diet. Every aspect of the pig’s life is now different, and it is no longer receiving maternal antibodies through milk. During these periods of high stress, the immune system can be affected adversely. EggTek for Swine is targeted for piglets during their weaning period and developed with their vulnerability in mind.


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