EggTek®-C for calves utilizes its unique polyvalent properties to provide a blanket of IgY to help maintain a healthy gut, promote nutrient uptake and support the reduction of inflammation in animals.

20 kilogram (44.1 pound) box – bulk product

EggTek®-C is formulated using specific IgY antibodies derived from today’s most significant pathogens:

A polyvalent approach to aid passive immunity and optimal gut health.

Comparison of Antibody Titers:
E. coli End Point Titer (EPT)

EggTek®-C showed greater binding activity against E. coli vs. other IgY product and non-immunized egg powder.

E. coli Binding with EggTek®-C

A 2022 E. coli Binding Study, demonstrates EggTek®-C mixed with different E. coli strains (K88, K99, 987 and F18) successfully binding with pathogens as visualized by an immunofluorescence microscopy taken at the time of the study.

E. coli K88 with standard
egg powder

E. coli K88 with EggTek®-C

Main Ingredients:

Human-grade, spray-dried, whole egg powder


Color: Yellow
Appearance: Powder


EggTek® for Calves
20 kilogram (44.1 pound) box – bulk product

All EgCel® Technology products are packaged in a box and shipped in a 20 kilogram (44.1 pound) cardboard box. Once opened, store the product in a well-closed container in a cool, dry area. Product expires 24 months.

Recommended Use Rate

4 grams daily for the first two weeks of life, or in times when the immune system might be under stress. For bulk mixing in milk replacers, add 8.8-17.6 pounds/ton to dry milk replacer. 

Expiration Date

24 months from date of manufacture.


Applicable safety information can be found on the Safety Data Sheet.


Store the product in a well‐closed container in a cool, dry area.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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